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Mend Medical Weight Loss Program

You aren’t the only one who has two sizes of jeans. Who thinks, “when I lose this weight, I’ll wear the skinny jeans again.” Only it’s been two years since they fit.

You aren’t the only one who looks in the mirror and doesn’t like what you see. Who weighs yourself every day and can’t believe the number keeps going up instead of down. After all, you’ve been walking and eating more salad. Shouldn’t you be losing weight?

You aren’t the only one who wishes you had more energy, felt younger, more attractive, and healthier.

More than 70% of Americans are considered overweight or obese. Diabetes, hypertension, chronic heart disease, and many other obesity-related diseases are on the rise. In turn, health care costs have skyrocketed. Your medications are expensive. So are all of those trips to your specialists.

The Mend Medical Weight Loss Program was designed just for you. In this 16-week, medically supervised program, you are going to achieve up to a 20-pound weight loss or up to 16% of your body weight. You will have more energy, gain new lifelong habits, and regain that confidence you once had.

Hey good-lookin’, get those skinny jeans out. You’re gonna need them.

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The Mend Medical Weight Loss Program is a 16-week program where we will meet weekly for the first 8 weeks, and bi-weekly for the remaining 8 weeks with optional group work out sessions on the off weeks. Upon registration, you will be provided with a complete schedule.

During the program, you are expected to lose up to 16% of your body weight, or 20lbs!

The program includes complete physical with lab work at the beginning and end, dietary guidelines, exercise requirements, medication management, behavioral modification, individual coaching, and group sessions. Additionally, you can request personalized add-ons to your Mend Weight Loss Program such as smoking cessation, testosterone therapy, and more.



Join the program today starting as low as $999.00 for 16 weeks or become a Stitches Member to participate in the program for free!

1. Begin and End with the Mend

Our 16-week program is a commitment. It’s a commitment for you and for us. As such, you must be serious about your health to participate and we only accept 16 people per session. Each participant will receive:
A complete physical at the beginning of the program including EKG if indicated

Comprehensive lab work at the beginning and end of the program

Prescription weight loss medication if needed and medically appropriate

Complete lists of food and food combinations for Phase 1, 2, and 3 of the Program

Mandatory Weekly Group Sessions

Food Logs

Skills needed to shop for and prepare healthy food

Exercise requirements during and after the program

Strategies for traveling and long-term maintenance of weight loss

2. Fix Your Metabolism

The Mend Medical Weight Loss Program is a 16 week, medically supervised weight loss program. The program helps “fix” your metabolism and teaches you healthy eating and exercise habits that will help you sustain your weight loss for a lifetime.

As clinicians, we will also provide you a full medical screening and monitor/adjust your prescription medications dosages as you lose weight to ensure you have a safe weight loss experience.

We may also address other health care concerns you may have during the program, however other fees may apply.

3. Change Your Mindset

The Mend Medical Weight Loss Program is a behavioral modification program. However, if you have a BMI that is over 31, you may be a candidate for prescription medication during your weight loss program to help control your appetite.

We believe in a multi-tiered approach to weight loss and therefore will not prescribe medication unless you are also committed to improving eating and exercise habits with our Mend Medical Weight Loss Program.

We use a variety of other tactics as well to help you learn how to shop, prepare, and cook real food and exercise regularly for sustained lifelong health.

4. Invest In Your Health

16 Week Program Cost: $999*

StitchesCare Members: Free

* In January of 2014 the ACA’s Preventative Care Benefit took effect, which mandates that insurers pay for obesity screening and counseling for people with a BMI of 30+, counseled by “qualified weight loss professionals” (MDs, RDs, PAs, nurses). This benefit is worth $1,625/year and covers up to 14 counseling sessions in 6 months. This is an unprecedented opportunity making medical weight loss essentially free of charge for patients with insurance who offer the benefit. As a courtesy, we will bill your insurance, but you will be responsible for the full cost initially.

To find out your BMI, click here and enter your current height and weight.

Additionally, if you are or become a StitchesCare Member the Mend Medical Weight Loss Program is included in your StitchesCare Membership. Wow!

5. Connect With Others

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